SparkFun gator:log - micro:bit Accessory Board


Log and Save Data

The SparkFun gator:log makes it easy to collect and log data using the micro:bit. Combine the gator:log with other sensors in the gator:line to easily save the data collected for later use. With the automation of the data collection process, gone are the days of rushing around with a pen and composition notebook to simultaneously record data and your observations. Now, students only need to sit back and observe their experiment.

  • Allows a student(s) to focus more on what is happening in the experiment than watching a thermometer or sensor readout.
  • When comined with the SparkFun gator:RTC, it becomes possible to log data and tie it to a specific time.
  • Combine with a micro:bit to provide a graphical display for observing changes in data when reading sensors.
Requires SparkFun gator:bit for easy use with micro:bit
  • ATmega328P microcontroller
  • µSD (micro SD) card slot for µSD card for data storage
  • Two status indicator LEDs
  • Serial connection via RX and TX pads
  • GND and 3V3 pads for 3.3V power connection