SparkFun gator:bit


Easily use alligator clips with micro:bit

The SparkFun gator:bit is an all-in-one “carrier” board for the micro:bit that provides a fully functional development and prototyping platform. Almost every pin on the micro:bit is broken out to alligator clip friendly pads. Whether it is data visualization using the five on-board addressable LEDs, capacitive touch sensing on pins 0, 1, & 2, or creating musical works of art using the built-in speaker, the SparkFun gator:bit makes it easy.

  • Alligator clip-friendly breakout board for the micro:bit
  • Makes almost every pin on micro:bit easily accessible
  • Built-in speaker

Recommended one board per student. Recommended for grades 4+

  • micro:bit card edge connector
  • Input voltage: 2.7V - 9V
  • 5 built in addressable LEDs
  • Built in buzzer
  • 5V output
  • 3.3V output
  • 7 protected input/output pins
  • 3 pins for SPI communication
  • 2 pins for I2C