SparkFun gator:microphone - micro:bit Accessory Board


Visualize Sound

The SparkFun gator:microphone micro:bit Accessory Board provides a binary indication of the presence of sound and an analog representation of its amplitude. As part of SparkFun's gator:bit series of alligator-clippable accessories, it can be easily interfaced with the micro:bit or other microcontrollers via the SparkFun gator:bit.

  • Turn sound into a readable element
  • Bring middle school science to life
  • Allows for the selection of different audio amplification levels
  • gator:bit Compatible
  • ADS1015
    • Operating Voltage (VDD): 2.0V-5.5V
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
    • Operation Modes: Single-Shot, Continuous-Conversion (Default), and Duty Cycling
    • Analog Inputs:
      • Measurement Type: Single-Ended (Default)
      • Input Voltage Range: GND to VDD
      • Full Scale Range (FSR): ±.256V to ±6.114V (Default: 2.048V)
    • Resolution:
      • 12-bit (Differential) or 11-bit (Single-Ended)
      • LSB size: 0.125mV - 3mV (Default: 1 mV)
  • Sample Rate: 128 Hz to 3.3 kHz (Default: 1600SPS)
  • Current Consumption (Typical): 150μA-200μA
  • I2C Address: 0x48
  • Electret Microphone
    • Operating Voltage: 1.5V (Max 10V)
    • Supply Current: 0.3mA (Max)
    • Directivity: Omnidirectional
    • Frequency Response: 20-16,000Hz
  • LMV324 Op-amp
    • Operating Voltage: 2.7V-5.5V
    • Supply Current: ~300-720µA