SparkFun gator:particle - micro:bit Accessory Board


Detect Particles and Materials in the Air

The SparkFun gator:particle micro:bit Accessory Board is capable of sensing pulse oximetry (SpO2), heart rate (HR) monitoring and particle (PM) detection. This highly sensitive board includes internal LEDs, photodetectors, optical elements, and low-noise electronics with ambient light rejection. Onboard is the MAX30105 sensor which is equipped with three LEDs as well as a very sensitive photon detector. By detecting how much light shines back from the LEDs, it is possible to detect different types of particles or materials (such as oxygenated blood or smoke from a fire). As part of SparkFun's gator:bit series of alligator-clippable accessories, it can be easily interfaced with the micro:bit or other microcontrollers via the SparkFun gator:bit. -Bring middle school science to life.

  • Easily measure heart rate, smoke and more.
  • gator:bit Compatible
  • MAX30102: HR and SpO2 sensor
    • Operating Voltage: 1.8-2V
    • Supply Current:
      • Heart Rate and SpO2 Mode: 600-1200µA
      • IR Only Mode: 600-1200µA
    • Operating Temperature: -40°-85°C
  • (ΣΔ) ADC
    • Resolution: 15-18-bits (programmable)
    • Sampling Rate: 50-3200sps (programmable)
  • IR LED
    • LED Wavelength: 870-900nm (avg. 880nm)
    • Forward Voltage: 1.4V
    • Radiant Power: 6.5mW
    • LED Driver Current: 0-50 mA (programmable)
  • Red LED
    • LED Wavelength: 650-670nm (avg. 660 nm)
    • Forward Voltage: 2.1V
    • Radiant Power: 9.8mW
    • LED Driver Current: 0-50 mA (programmable)
  • Photodetector
    • Spectral Range of Sensitivity: 600-900nm
    • Radiant Sensitive Area: 1.36mm2
  • I2C Address
    • 0xAE - Write Address
    • 0xAF - Read Address